Here are a few articles worth reading and discussing:

  1. Thinking Through Data in the Humanities and in Engineering, by Elizabeth Alice Honig et al., 2020
  2. The State of the Art: Surveying Digital Russian Art History, by Reeta E. Kangas, 2021 (pdf)
  3. Computer Vision Applications for Art History: Reflections and paradigms for future research, by Amalia Foka, 2021 (pdf)
  4. Transforming Information Into Knowledge: How Computational Methods Reshape Art History, by Sabine Lang & Björn Ommer, 2021

Let’s read and discuss one of them each day and jointly come to a verdict. For Thursday, please read the articles by Foka and Lang.

Further reading: Everything from the wonderful DAHJ. And I would be happy if you follow me on Twitter. 🙂