How to download CSV from MoMa at Github

At MoMa’s collection click on Artworks.csv and right-click on Download and save target in a folder of your choice.

How to import CSV in Excel

Open Excel, create a new spreadsheet and click on Data > import data > From file > From CSV. Then choose your file to import.

Sorry, that my screenshots are in German 😉

If you are lucky, Excel has already set up filters. If not, click on Data > Filter. Then you can filter, also try sorting and creating a diagram.

If you like, you can use the already set up file that you find in our shared folder.

What is your experience?

If you are a pro in Excel, let us know what we can do with this data.

This will work analogously in Open Office Calc as well.

How to import to Google Spreadsheets

The MoMa file is too large for Google Sheets. But if you have a smaller data set, try it as follows:

Log in to Google Sheets and click on File > Import, then Upload and choose the downloaded file (this can take a moment).

Where can I find more data?

Have a look here. Or here (if you know more sources, add them to the list).

Please read the second text (Kangas) for tomorrow, keep on working with Excel and this or another data set. And tell us what your experience has been, what you can learn from the data and from the tool.